Visualizing the Entire Process from the Estimates of the System up to Delivery of the System


Achieved Visualization of the Order Status

Q. What businesses are you using Questetra for?

WOM SYSTEM DESIGN is a system development company that specializes in “Warehouse Management System”.

Speaking of “warehouse”, there are a variety of warehouses. From “clothing warehouse of apparel industry” to the “cold storage warehouse for groceries”. There range of the differences that a warehouse management system must absorb is vast, such as differences in terminal equipment used or differences in work procedures. Even though the name of the operations such as ‘Product Picking’ or ‘Inventory Management’ are the same, there are differences.

We, WOM SYSTEM DESIGN are proposing “KURA STAR”the best warehouse management system (WMS) for each of our customers, by partialized functions (modular) that are required at each step. We have introduced Questetra BPM Suite to standardize the internal procedures.I think that sharing of information between the Management department and the Sales Force was significantly improved, because the progress of estimates, orders and billing can be monitored in real-time. ※ WMS = Warehouse Management System


Q. How many types of flow diagrams are you using?

We are running about 20 different Business flows. Among them, 3 operations have the Business flow as the core, which are: “Status Investigation – Approximate Estimate”, “Detailed Design – Formal Estimate”, and “System Construction start – System Start”.

The first one is a free of charge procedure which the Sales Department carries out with a survey of the current situation in order to submit an “approximate estimate”. For the quotes which are created at last, the quotes expensive cases are required to be “expressly approved” by the Management department and the Sales Manager. The second is a Process to create and submit the “system specification” and “formal quotation” . This is an onerous corresponding process, therefore it has been defined so that the receiving inspection report and the invoice are issued by the Management department. The third is actually the process of building the system and deployment . This process has been defined up to the step of the invoice issuing by the management department.

From the point of view of order management, it has been defined as three separate flows. However, the required data is set to be shared (across the business flows) automatically. It used to be very difficult to capture the “real progress” before, because it was managed in Excel. But since it became recorded automatically in Questetra, the status of cases can be grasped very easily.


Long-term Perspective is Important for Improvement Cycle

Q. Please tell us about your hardships for deployment.

I think that there was confusion in the field, because conventional procedures which were not clear, were standardized for the first time clearly.

For example, the “details of the quote” were closed to two of the developers and the Sales staff, but then “Explicit approval by signing up into Questetra” was required. I guess there were many workers who felt frustrated that it was troublesome.

However, thanks to this rule of “verification Checkpoint”, I found it has helped to significantly reduce ambiguous expressions in the quote documents . I think the internal information gap became less, reviewing the project became easy. In other words, at first, there was a “period when operational efficiency dropped”, but now I can see the real “Improvement of the Business Processes”.


Q. Do you have plans of expansion for the future?

To be honest, sometimes I felt there were a “lack of features” in Questetra a few years ago, and for a certain period, I actually covered some processing with Excel. However, various functions of Questetra were enhanced in the last couple of years, and now I feel that it has “features which we are not using now, that I want to use”.

We now would like to incorporate the “automatic processing” actively to the existing Workflows (Process Models). Particularly, we are feeling a variety of challenges in the management of the formal documents, so we are trying to expand “automatic generation of PDF documents” to more operations.

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