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Adapting approval approval work used by all employees to internal control
Automatic integration with ChatWork to share information at the same time

Q. What kind of work are you using Questetra for?

We, Tricorn Corporation, provide enterprise oriented cloud based CRM services.

Services, including “KREISEL” (, and “LOOPASS”, ( an ASP tool dedicated to LINE Business Connect, and “Autobahn for Appexchange”, ( a Salesforce coordinated email delivery application, etc. are utilized by many government agencies, financial institutions and listed companies.

We introduced Questetra for implementation of internal control, and to improve operational efficiency.
Starting with various Request applications to be used by all employees, such as Leave request and Decision-making request, now, we are using it for User support work. Now, about three months after introduction, approximately 40 Business Processes are in operation.

Q. Is there anything you have devised?

We have devised automatic splitting and cooperating with other services such as Chatwork.

For example, there are various types of request for approval. We determine the approval route automatically using the “request type” and “amount of money” as split conditions to be input in the requesting Step so that it conforms with the internal regulations.

Also, after approval we share information by connecting Questetra with Chatwork, which is adopted as a standard communication tool inside the company.

For example, when procurement request were approved, that information was shared in Chatwork and effective use of the purchased items was promoted in the company.

In addition to Chatwork we we also use kintone to register and reuse data from the ledger, and use Twilio to provide simultaneous voice notifications to smartphones (which is lent to all employees). Regarding the [Throwing Messages Intermediate Event], etc. we often use them for linking with other services since they are easy to implement.

Released various Business Process a period of less than two months

Q. How did you develop the workflow at the time of introduction?

The current application rules have been quietly incorporated into Questetra..

We were able to design the business processes relatively easily because the internal rules and documents describe “who”, “what” and “in what order” the business should be carried out. The design of the business process was carried out by the members of a cross-departmental business improvement project.

Within the team, we reviewed the designed Business Processes from the viewpoint of consistency with internal regulations and information sharing with stakeholders in the company, and then released them.

Q. Please tell me if you have any expectations of Questetra

Immediately after the release, there was confusion within the company about how to operate this system, but the inquiries were resolved in about a month.

In the future, we plan to expand utilization of Questetra for user support and development department operations, and some people want to use it in their own departments.
To that end, I hope to improve the searchability of manuals and introduce ways to save labor in form input.

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