Synergy Marketing, Inc.
Visualizing progress in a service application flow with frequent rule changes

Digitization of service application forms that have frequent format changes

Q. What kind of business are you using Questetra for?

We, Synergy Marketing Inc., are providing cloud services that support corporate CRM activities.
Among them, our main product “Synergy!” is utilized for about 3,000 customers in various industries and business types.

We are using Questetra for the acceptance of new applications for services and requests to change service options.

Q. Please tell us how you are utilizing it specifically.

Previously we were working using paper application forms.
Therefore, I had to ask around to the people in charge in more than one department when I wanted to know the progress status of an issue or the contents of an application, so I thought it was inefficient. Moreover, sometimes we got into trouble when urgent requests occurred or when the person in charge was absent.

By using Questetra to systematize the application handling process, we can now visualize the content of applications and the progress of cases. Also, since there are many requests for adding or changing the options menu on cloud services like Synergy!, Questetra is very helpful since we can easily modify the configuration (Process Model).

Moreover, we are using the Questetra’s SNS feature (Open Chat) for communications about Issues in progress. Thanks to that I think that we have been able to prevent mistakes and improve the accuracy of our work.

Data linkage with your own services using APIs

Q. Is there anything you have devised?

We are managing information concerning our customers using our own cloud CRM service, Synergy!

We have built the following scheme to make maximum use of that data, and make it possible to feed back the information entered in Questetra.

  1. Input application details into Synergy! web form
  2. Pass to Questetra to manage case progress
  3. Return the processing result to Synergy!

This scheme allows us to eliminate wasteful double data input and to reduce mistakes or missing data.

Q. Please tell us what you think of Questetra.

Due to the complicated business requirements I had a hard time setting up Questetra, but I was able to successfully introduce it thanks to the accurate and speedy support of Questetra’s sales representative and customer service.

Also, half a year after introduction several requests have come up. Although some of them are difficult to deal with in Questetra’s current specification, we hope that the version update will help us deal with these requests promptly.

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