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The company has improved the customer management process in the consulting business, enhancing the freshness and accuracy of customer information to implement a proactive utilization system.

Tokyo, Japan

Reducing the time and effort required to manage clients in the consulting business

Q. What kind of business do you use Questetra for?

We, Sevenzen Corporation Ltd. support our clients’ (companies’) projects, such as business reform, new business development and information system reform with our skilled freelance consultants.

We also operate a website called Patio which is a freelance network. In this website we select the most suitable consultant for your project from among about 500 registered freelance consultants.

We have assisted a wide range of clients, including those in the manufacturing, apparel, pharmaceutical, retail, finance, logistics and trading industries.

We are using Questetra for various tasks such as attendance management, quotation approval, etc. In particular, we are actively using it for customer information management.

Q. What did you struggle with in managing customer information?

We manage our customer information with a business card manager where customer information is registered after their business card has been scanned. We use the registered customer information for sending New Year’s cards and sending out emails simultaneously.

However, we had the following problems managing customer information:

  • Some information was not registered or updated
  • The registered information was inaccurate

In our company, the person who obtained the business card was responsible for registering (and updating) the customer information. However, since this task was not a high priority for that person we could see some information was left unregistered. In addition, when we scanned the business cards the company name or client name may have been read inaccurately and the data was registered without being fully checked.

Due to these things, we had to check the accuracy of the customer information every time we used it because the information registered in the business card management service might not have been up-to-date or reliable. This was a huge hassle for us.

Plan for automatic integration with Box

Q. How did you use Questetra to solve the problem?

In order to reduce the time and effort and to use the customer information more efficiently, we improved the registration and update of customer information with Questetra. What we focused on then was to divide the work.

We decided that the person who got the business card only needs to put the card in the designated place, and the general affairs staff register the business cards in the business card manager once every fortnight.

As a result, the information on the business cards our employees obtained is now registered and updated without fail. In addition, we also decided that another member of the administration team checks the data which has been scanned and registered against the business cards.

The customer information is now always up to date and accurate, and we are now able to send New Year’s cards and emails without the need to double-check the data.

Q. Could you tell us about your future plans and requests to Questetra?

We are also using Questetra for the reception of the seminars we hold. We would like to automate this process in the future.

For example, we are planning the following things:

  • Automatically sending a survey request email to attendees after a seminar
  • Automatically sending URLs of files registered in Box (*1) to survey respondents

*1: Box is a cloud storage service used by 97,000 companies worldwide. 68% of Fortune 500 companies use Box. (As of January 2021)

We know Questetra prepares automatic processes to link with Box as standard, so we anticipate that such a system will be easy to set up. If this is achieved we will be able to operate it smoothly, even if the number of seminars to be held increases in the future.

At the same time, what we expect from Questetra is to enable us to adjust the design of public webforms. Every time we hold a seminar or something else, we set up a public webform on Patio but Questetra doesn’t look consistent with the design of Patio. It would be nice for us to be able to adjust the colours.

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