Pentio Co., Ltd.
Significantly shortens the time required to start support work


Eradicate the work omissions / input errors in account creation work

Q. What kind of work are you utilizing Questetra for?

We, pentio Co. Ltd, provide account management and Single Sign-on authentication on various cloud services. We are mainly offering licenses for “OneLogin” (in Japanese only) , which is IDaaS (SSO: Single Sign-On + IAM: Identity and Access Management).

We use Questetra for general in-house work such as applications for travel expenses reimbursement, as well as for customer-oriented work such as managing applications for OneLogin trials or new contract management. Since the number of contracts for OneLogin is increasing it is especially useful for contract user account management.


Q. What kind of challenges did you have?

Communication with OneLogin contract users is conducted via several systems such as Zoho CRMzendesk and Mail Chimp. Every time we issued a OneLogin user account the account creation process for each system involved communicating by internal emails. As a result, omission of work, mistakes in configuration, and work schedule delays occurred, which caused problems with support services.

By using Questetra flows of work was established, work omissions and misconfigurations have improved, thorough work schedule management has been enabled, thus we have overcome the problems.


Significantly reduce account creation work time using automatic processing functions

Q. Is there anything you have devised on your own?

By utilizing Questetra’s automatic processing the efficiency of issuing OneLogin accounts has been improved. Just by entering necessary information, accounts on support service related systems including OneLogin are automatically created. At the same time, automatic cooperation with slack and Trello is also carried out to ensure that sharing of contract information inside the company is done.

Even when multiple new contracts occur at once, the time between the completion of the contract and the start of the support service can be greatly reduced, which contributes to the improvement of customer satisfaction.


Q. On what kind of points do you think Questetra is good?

We appreciate that efficient task progression can be easily realized by allowing APIs of various systems to be linked with Questetra. It is also attractive that the security of API linkage can be ensured by using OAuth2.0 and embedding authentication information in http request headers.

Currently there are some systems that do not yet cooperate with Questetra and we receive requests from inside the company to link with them. Taking the advantage of Questetra’s automatic processing function, we would like to improve efficiency further.

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