MonotaRO Co., Ltd.
Automatic Extraction of Projects with High Delay Risk in Progress Management on Operation that has 100 or more Steps


Determine the priority of work by auto-detection of delayed projects

Q. What kind of business are you utilizing Questetra for?

We, MonotaRO Co., Ltd., are an Online mail order company that operates a mail order site called “MonotaRO”.

We retail all kinds of “indirect materials”, from common tools such as “pliers” or “screwdrivers”, to “electricity generators” which cost tens of thousand dollars, on the Internet. Nowadays, we deal ten million products for the “Support of manufacturing”.

We are using Questetra as a platform for various day-to-day businesses, such as planning of products and general requests.


Q. Please tell us about how you use it more specifically.

In a business of planning “private brand products” for example, we plan products that reflect the needs of our customers day by day.

Specifically, we are planning products such as dry batteries and walkie-talkies under the private label of “MonotaRO”. And there are always approximately 100 projects that are under planning. Previously, we used to manage these projects using Excel. Therefore, it was difficult for us to determine ‘Which projects are delayed’ or ‘Which work of which project should be given priority’, since many of the projects have several Steps such as selection of suppliers or quality checks, the period of planning is prolonged to several months.

Now, we have built a mechanism for “auto-detection for delayed projects” in Questetra, to greatly reduce the burden on the managers.


Utilization range from Non-IT Departments to Auto-processing using advanced IT technology

Q. Please tell us the reasons why you chose Questetra.

Above all, it is excellent to “enable employees outside of the IT system Department to design Business flows”.

Actually, in the past we had to give up a company-wide deployment of a system, which had been used by the IT system Department, but was very difficult to use for regular employees. In contrast, we are very thankful for Questetara because even regular administrative and operational staff are able to configure complex business rules by themselves.

As a result, workers in IT department focus on activities such as supporting “Script Step” (auto-processing) embedding.


Q. Please tell us your plans of use expansion in the future.

Currently, there Questetra is used differently by the Departments.

I realized that there are still many inefficient in-house businesses because their Business Processes are not well defined. I would like to promote more the further use of Questetra in the Departments and business operations, specifically for activities such as in-house workshops based on best practices.



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