*The name of “G Suite” was changed into “Google Workspace” in October 2020

Modeling the Complex Circulation Flow of Expense Procedures
A System in which Business Rules are Complied with Naturally

Q. Which business are you applying Questetra BPM Suite for?

JTB group are developing a variety of businesses with travel business as its core, and we are going to celebrate our 100th anniversary in 2012. JTB SYSTEM SOLUTION, INC. (JSS) are in charge of providing IT services to the JTB Group companies.

We are applying the Business Process Management system (BPM) to tasks such as Expense planning (drafting) and Settlement, and using it in conjunction with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Before introducing the system we circulated paper documents to make decisions, which led to problems with the time spent confirming the circulation route and the time required to complete circulation. Now we can visualize who processed what and when.

Q. Does It Help to Strengthen Compliance?

At JTB SYSTEM SOLUTION, INC. we are aiming to ensure compliance with internal rules and regulations under the compliance message of acting with fairness.

Sometimes it took time to verify and correct, because the drafters themselves needed to determine who was responsible for making settlements in accordance with the business rules, and had to make paper documents according to this. But after applying BPM they naturally follow the business rules since the content of business rules are incorporated into the workflows. In addition, we believe that internal controls have been strengthened by recording the processing date of each step unaltered, etc.

Balancing Compliance and Operational Efficiency

Q. Has the time taken to make a decision been reduced?

I think the biggest contribution to the reduction in processing time was the decrease in reworkings due to mistakes. That is, it was difficult for all employees to keep track of the different approval routes for different expense items and amounts.

I also think the ability to detect a bottleneck in operations and the ability to do approvals from out of the office with smartphones is contributing to improved business efficiency.

Q. Please tell us about your future developments.

We are trying to extend the scope of coverage to include the approval process for contract documents.

In particular, contract documents of the orders are frequently exchanged between the headquarters and the local offices. We would like to challenge them together by eliminating paper.

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