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Impress Holdings, Inc.
Enhancement of Internal Control by Digitizing the Request for Login to the System


Keep Usage Permissions of the Business System in a proper state at all times!

Q. What kind of operations do you use Questetra for?

Impress Group, is a Media Enterprise group with dozen of subsidiaries such as, IT-related publisher “Impress Japan Corp.” etc.
Through digital media and publishing media, we provide contents plus high-value-added services, according to today’s needs. (Tokyo Stock Exchange 9479)

In addition to “IT and PC” related publishings. Today, the group sells a wide range of the content related to “Music”, “Design”, “Mountains and Nature” to name a few. And “Impress Holding, Inc.”, the holding company, takes care of the procurement of infrastructure and allocation of business resources.

We have introduced the Cloud-based Workflow system (Questetra) as a tool to realize ‘IT Control ‘ as a part of Internal Control reinforcement, and also as a tool to achieve operational efficiency.


Q. What kind of ‘IT Control’ do you refer to?

In the Impress Group, about 600 employees are using various business systems. These systems are of various types and purposes, from ‘Editing Contents’ of course, to ‘Service Providing’ and ‘Customer Data Management’.

From the perspective of ‘Processing Control’, it is important to prevent ‘mistakes’ by ensuring the appropriate use of these business systems. In addition, the business systems themselves must be managed properly.

Previously, granting procedure of system use permissions had been carried out in paper.
The requests of changes for System access due to new hiring, resignations or transfers of employees, had been carried out by the Personnel Department or the person responsible at the subsidiary, but I must say there were problems such as:

  1. Changes went unnoticed due to documents getting stuck somewhere during the paperwork processing
  2. Difficulty to search for past Procedure Records
  3. Long time to audit the implementation of the internal control.

Now, the system usage authorization is updated daily by digitizing the paperwork process. In addition, I can say the cost for “auditing the status of implementation of internal control” (Internal Control Audit) was reduced significantly, as the audit trail would be submitted easily because the updates are now automatically recorded. I also think that the operational efficiency of the IT Systems Department was improved greatly.


Importance of Overhead View of Flows of Work

Q. What was important for you to select a Workflow System?

Indeed, the “Computerization of Procedures” was important, but I wanted to clarify the workflow. I was wondering “How could I overview the entire Workflow diagram (system)”. In fact, I found Questetra while searching for an image of “flow chart of business”.

I think those are wonderful features other products don’t have. Such as “capability of setting conditional expressions” in the Workflow diagram, and the alert point with the “capability to send email to any destination”. Or the “swim lane function” to automate the allocation of the person in charge of each process step” simultaneously. I expect that the takeover of operations whenever there is a change in personnel will become much easier, if I can model all of the Workflow Diagrams on the BPM System.


Q. Is there any other important Feature?

During the introduction of the workflow system, the “ability to cooperate with G Suite (formerly Google Apps)” was important. Federation configurations with G Suite were very easy, and we were able to work together with Questetra and G Suite in no time. We plan to continue with the application of business processes in the areas of HR & Administration in the future.

Moreover, we aim to work together in more than one domain. We wish Questetra to have a feature to “manage multiple domains with G Suite”, instead of operating Questetra on each domain separately. We are looking forward to that.

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