*The name of “G Suite” was changed into “Google Workspace” in October 2020

Decision-making Shortened to One third by Paperless


Visualizing Complicated Decision-making Flow

Q. What kind of operations do you use Questetra for?

We CRIAX.Co.,LTD, manage Karaoke Lounges, Comic cafes, and restaurants. We have 67 stores mainly in Tokyo, including well-known UTAHIROBA and KaraNet24.

In the amusement business like this, it is important to observe at the trend of competitors and changes in the economic situation, and to rapidly carry out decision-making processes related to new store openings and store remodeling.

We had been carrying out the decision-making procedures on paper so far, but we made it paperless with Questetra in order to achieve more rapid decision-making. Decision-making procedures are completed in one third of the time, now.


Q. What was a Decisive Factor to Introduce Questetra?

Renovation of the information system was the challenge of years. We had fallen into a situation that the system could not keep up enough for the area we wanted to make efficient, while the operation and management costs continued to increase. More concretely, we were facing a great challenge on the ‘Decision-making procedure’.

In such a situation, we introduced G Suite (formerly Google Apps), the Cloud service, in August 2012, at first. We have succeeded to greatly reduce the operation and management costs of the systems related to Emails and Group ware. Then, we started to investigate about ‘Systemization of our business’.

We were focusing on Cloud-based products which would make us ‘free from a server computer or Software’ and ‘Accessible from various terminal devices’, and we researched and evaluated ‘Cloud-based Workflow Products capable to connect to G Suite’. For products other than Questetra, we found out they were limited to relatively simple flows. And that it was impossible to define more complicated flows like the ones we were expecting, such as a ‘Decision-making process that includes the president of the company’. In contrast, we could surely believe that Questetra would help us achieve paperless and speedy Decision-making; Given its capability to easily define complicated decision-making flows -such as Concurrent approval requests to multiple section leaders- using the Process Modeler. I think it is really fabulous that the modification of business definitions does not depend on a single, designated individual.



Cross Section Advice on a Daily Basis!

Q. How was your impression about Questetra in actual operation?

We did not expect it, but the communication between employees has been estimulated along with the introduction of Questetra.

Since we had been passing Decision-making documents in paper, an employee was barely aware about a project in which he/himself was not involved. So, we gave a little wider authorization for data viewing, to let employees -particularly in a Department manager position- to actively browse projects in which they were not involved. As a result, they became able to share their know-how and experience, and to express their ideas.

I think of course, the new communication channel was good as a way of obtaining new knowledge, but I also feel that it made ‘ the power of the organization’ greater because the employees started to be concerned about what others were doing.


Q. What are you going to approach hereafter?

We really found Questetra is capable to use on many operations in the Organization, unlike other typical Request-Approval workflow products. In fact, some departments started reviewing their own Workflows spontaneously by themselves, instead of asking the IT Section. So, we are going to support ‘spontaneous business improvement’.

In addition, as a company-wide effort, we are discussing and considering the digitization and standardization of other in-house operations as well. Especially, I am thinking of using Questetra proactively on Workflows that will be started by external actions, in order to enhance the satisfaction of business partners and customers. Specifically, it will be on Inquiry handling and Order Accepting processing.

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