Reduced Lead Time from Order Entry to Delivery by 30%


Visualizing the status of each Step of Order-delivery flow

Q. What kind of business are you using Questetra for?

CLARA ONLINE provides consulting services focused on the operation of cloud services.
We support our customer’s business development in terms of both of business and infrastructure with our strengths particularly in cross-border initiatives, on the bases in Tokyo, Nagoya, Beijing, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul and Hong Kong.

We are using Questetra in every business in the company. Among them, it has brought a big difference in the Order-delivery Process.


Q. What kind of challenges did you have?

In the Business Process starting from receiving an order for building a network infrastructure to finally delivering it, we previously managed the processing status of each Step by emails mainly.

As we fortunately became receiving many orders, many emails related to each Issue came flying about. And the labor of grasping the situation was very large. At the time just before using Questetra, 500 emails were exchanged every month.

By visualizing the Business Process of Order entry – delivery using Questetra, not only it became possible to immediately grasp the processing situation of the Issues, but also omissions of work which could not be prevented in email management have been eliminated. And the lead time to delivery has been shortened by about 30%.


Actively utilizing smartphones to improve decision-making speed

Q. Is there anything you have devised?

We are linking the “Approval process” which is to request approval on a project to be put into practice, and the “Settlement process” to settle expenses incurred at the time of execution.

Although for “Settlement process”, it is necessary to clarify which decision-making the Issue has been approved, it is automatically associated. Also, the “Settlement Process” is not be activated unless the Issue has been approved in the “Approval process”, so the payment procedure that is not approved will not happen.

In addition, we have linked the “Business trip request process” and the “Business trip expense settlement process” also. So I feel it is becoming as common sense inside the company that all the settlements concerning with a business trip is required to have been approved in advance.

Expense Claim process


Q. Please tell me what you expect on Questetra for the future.

By making use of Questetra in approval / decision-making type work flow, the speed of decision-making has greatly improved.

There are many voices saying that wanting you to make it easier to use on smartphones for further speedup.

Although each concerns with usage on smartphone, there are demands, for example, wanting not to be required logging in for each time using it, or wanting to be notified when a Step is allocated (not by emails), or wanting the number of allocated Issues to be cognizable, and don’t want paging, and so on.

I expect you since I will continue to manage many businesses in Questetra in the future.

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