*The name of “G Suite” was changed into “Google Workspace” in October 2020

CHUO Accounting Office
To Manage the Progress of Accounting Support Services Work
High degree of freedom in designing the business flow

Q. What kind of business do you use Questetra for?

We are deploying speedy accounting support services taking full advantage of IT.

In our main service, the monthly closing service, produces financial graphical reports every month which help the owners to consider their next move. We are also focused on support for starting a business, and we are providing our services to IT companies that are rapidly growing.

We are using Questetra as a tool for visualizing the Workflow of this accounting support service, and internally sharing the progress of report creation and certified tax accountant signatures, etc. We manage the progress of our service for each of our customers, which are more than 600 companies.

Q. Which feature of Questetra do you like best?

I like it very much because it has a high degree of freedom in designing the Workflow. Despite the fact that the deliverable varies depending on the size and industry of the customer, we are able to manage the progress of our service for all customers in one Workflow definition, because we can add the necessary tasks using the split condition settings.

The fact that it can cooperate with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is very helpful, because we have been actively using cloud services. We launch processes in batches using Google Apps Script in the customer master, and output the work completion records into a Google Spreadsheet.

Expanding to Various Services Business

Q. Has the business procedure changed compared to before the introduction of Questetra?

The basic procedures have not changed.

However, before the introduction of Questetra in the spring of 2012 we would record work progress on a check-sheet which was then passed to the supervisor to check it, but it was time-consuming to pass the paperwork around manually.

Now I think it has been sped up significantly by eliminating unnecessary delays, because we are able to report from outside the office. We have also automated the listing of completion records. We have been able to eliminate labor and errors associated with manual transcription.

Q. Are you planning to expand to other business areas?

At CHUO Accounting we believe that to achieve the Customer First principle, we must respond to our customer needs quickly.

We succeeded in visualizing the progress of service operations such as the annual settlement, a few months after introducing Questetra. We also make use of it on the new advisory contracts procedures, and on various applications inside company.

I would like to apply it to various business operations in the future. I think it is really great that I can configure the workflow easily.

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