Improved Processing Speed of Application for Approval Request
Labor saving by using automatic processing function and input form decoration


Abolished 30 types of applications by paper. Contributing to improving business processing speed

Q. What kind of business are you using Questetra for?

ABeam Systems provides a business model, “Full-outsourcing”, which we suggest IT strategy not only for system development but also for realization of management strategy and business strategy. We support improvement and promotion of customer’s business process to achieve customer’s goals, including IT support centering on development and introduction of ERP system.

We are using Questetra to conduct Approval request, Request for Internal system usage, tasks in Human Resource such as providing training and new employee follow-up. (Approximately 30 types of Business Processes)


Q. What kind of challenges did you have until using Questetra?

We were handling work between requisition and approval in paper document.

We had problems such as, “Approvers often go out and approval does not proceed”, or “The applicant and the approver’s location are distant from each other, so it takes time until the application form is mailed to the approver”, “Required to check who approves it”, and so on.

By using Questetra, approval at remote place becomes possible, and processing speed from requisition to approval has been improved. In addition, since the approver is automatically determined based on the organizational assignment of the applicant, we can make request without confusion, now.


Realization of labor saving using automatic processing function and decorations on input form

Q. Is there any point you have devised?

Approval routes are decided along the organization hierarchy in accordance with internal rules.

If an approver concurrently belongs to multiple organizations, approval Steps would be assigned consecutively, even though the internal rule allows with one approval. We use automatic processing function (Error Boundary Event etc.) to avoid consecutive approval, so that the same approver is not required to approve repeatedly.

Also, we are working on reducing erroneous operations by applicants / saving labor for input operations. We described the meaning of input contents and example of entry for each input form, so that applicants can input without looking at the whole manual of application and without hesitation. In addition, we are implementing labor saving of input operation, that is when a specific option is chosen, automatically sets it as the initial value on another input form.


Q. Please tell us the reason why you selected our product

We appreciate the point where even those who without system development experience can design Workflow diagrams.

Since we can easily comply with business rules in designing Workflow diagrams, so basic design can be done in a short period of time and we were able to spend time in devising detailed settings (input labor saving etc.).

Moreover, we appreciate the goodness of supporting of Questetra. They are very helpful since when I ask questions about unclear points in manipulating or innovative tips in Workflow designing, they return the answer within one day. We also hear voices from within the company that “Want to put the work in the department onto the Workflow”, so I expect further enhancement on web manuals, and supports like so far.


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