Introduction to BPM

How do I proceed with business improvement?
How do I write a business flow?

For those who start Business Process designing and business improvement from now on, we have prepared the learning contents to understand the outline and take the first step. You can also learn about BPM and BPMN.

The most favored! A story comic on BPM activity in a craft production firm
Learn how to create a straightforward business flow diagram.
How to draw in BPMN, an international standard notation
Designing Business Processes without knowledge of BPMN
Business Process Management (BPM)
BPM is a concept of business management which is “to continuously improve business processes”.

    1. Define flows! (Modeling)
    2. Handle tasks!! (Operating)
    3. Monitor the progress!!! (Monitoring)
Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN)
BPMN is an international standard concerning definitions of Business Process and methods of notations. From “BPMN 1.0” (2004) to “BPMN 1.2” it was a standard specification to define the drawing methods, but since “BPMN 2.0” it has become a wide standard specification including specifications for data exchange.
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