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As we Questetra, whose business is centred on the keyword “Business Process”, naturally we have more relationships with BPO contractors that use the same keyword. (BPO = Business Process Outsourcing)

The cloud-based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” provided by Questetra is used among BPO contractors. We have had many opportunities to learn about BPO services through supporting the introduction of Questetra BPM Suite.

We recognize that BPO is an important option for business strategies as we watched companies hiring “BPO” have gained great value.

What is BPO Services

BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and it means “to outsource some part of business processes in a company.” BPO services will undertake the company’s BPO.

Companies hire BPO to solve the following problems.

  • Lack of personnel who can be assigned the target business process. (in the aspect of Human resources)
  • Lack of facilities or equipment to carry out the target business process. (in the aspect of material goods)
  • Lack of know-how to perform the target business process. (in the aspect of information)

Companies that have such problems will hire “BPO”, relying on BPO providers. The idea is to use the money to solve the vital business activities of the entire company whose internal resources (human resources, material goods, and information) are running short.

BPO services are a business to solve the problems which the companies have faced as mentioned above. Companies providing these services are called a BPO service provider. They possess highly qualified human resources, sufficient equipment and facilities, and advanced knowledge of the performance of respective operations.

The research company, Yano Research Institute Co Ltd. listed the following BPO service providers in their BPO market research. Some of the service providers are using Questetra BPM Suite for transactions of outsourced work.

(IT Companies)
Accenture Japan Ltd / AGREX Inc. / NTT DATA Corporation/ NTT DATA Smart Sourcing Corporation/ Cognizant Japan / Sakura Information Systems Co., Ltd. / CAC Corporation/ Toshiba Products Marketing Inc./ Japan Concentrix KK/ NEC Corporation/ Nihon Unisys, Ltd / NEUSOFT Japan Corporation/ Nomura Research Institute, Ltd./ Pactera Technology Japan Co., Ltd./ Hitachi Systems, Ltd./ Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd./ Fujitsu Ltd./ Mitsubishi Electric Information Systems Corporation/ YAMATO SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD.

(Printing Companies)
NTT Printing Corporation / Kyodo Printing Co., Ltd. / Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. / Toppan Printing CO., LTD. / TOPPAN FORMS CO., LTD. / NIHON ASPECT CORE INC.

(Call Center Services)

(Back Office/Other Companies)
HR One Corporation / CS Accounting Co.,Ltd./ SECOM CO., LTD. / DMS Inc. / PERSOL WORKS DESIGN CO., LTD./ PERSOL MARKETING CO., LTD. / Pasona Group Inc./ Business Brain Showa-Ota Inc. / Primagest,Inc./MITSUI-SOKO BUSINESS PARTNERS CO.,LTD./Wanbishi Archives Co., Ltd.

(Data Analysis BPO/Service Companies)
NTT DATA Mathematical Systems Inc.

Excerpt : Yano Research Institute Ltd “BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Market 2018-2019

※You need to buy the research and its language is Japanese

Target Processes of BPO

Among various business processes, what type of processes do companies outsource?

Business processes concerning differentiation from other companies (referred to as core business) would not be outsourced. That is because the core business is the source of profit, moreover, it is the company’s raison d’etre. Besides, such a business requires a high level of expertise (discernment and creativity), and is not so easy as other companies can accomplish.

Whereas, business processes other than core business (non-core business) are suitable for “BPO”. Non-core businesses are easy to be fit in routine work since they require less expertise.

Companies leave Non-core business to BPO provider, while they can commit their maximum use of their own human resources, material goods, and information into the core business. It’s important to decide on which task the resources have to be put in.

Yano Research Institute Co Ltd has classified target business processes of BPO into the following categories in their BPO market research.

・ Call center business (contact center, help desk, e-commerce fulfillment service)
・ Back office business (personnel, welfare, general affairs, accounting)
・ Profit center business(Purchasing & Procurement, Sales, Simple Work in Core Section, Industry Specific Business)
・ IT system operation and management work

Excerpt : Yano Research Institute Ltd “BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Market 2018-2019

※You need to buy the research and its language is Japanese

The cloud-based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” is widely used in these business processes.

What is Done on BPO Contracting Sites

BPO providers possess sufficient human resources, material goods, and information (know-how) to perform non-core business process efficiently, with high quality. Among them, “information (know-how)”, there is something related to “solid management”, and I will show you what general (non-BPO provider) companies could implement.

  • Management on reliable record of processing
  • Management on the comparison between the objective and the accomplishment regarding the number of processing
  • Management on the progress of each business Issue

In a flow from receiving work as an organization to delivery of the output (deliverable), these three managements are thoroughly performed so that high quality, low cost (labour cost), short delivery time are realized.

However, such management cannot be done without any preparation.

You need to organize the target business process and prepare to perform the three managements. Since BPO providers have a high ability to establish a management system by organizing workflows and operate it, that enables them to carry out the solid management I have illustrated here.

Encouragement of “hiring BPO”

As seen so far, BPO providers possess adequate human resources, material goods, and information (know-how) to achieve high quality, low costs and short delivery times for Non-core business processes.

Among human resources, material goods, money, and information (know-how) that are regarded as important business resources for companies, the resources except for money are difficult to obtain. (money is also difficult to get, though)

If you don’t have sufficient answers to the following questions about human resources, material goods, and information (know-how) to which you intend to put into the Non-core business processes, I recommend you to invest money in “BPO”.

  • Human resources: Employment of qualified employees. Education of them. Their assessments. Keeping the employees for the long term.
  • Material goods: Suitable equipment and facilities. Their continuous operation and maintenance
  • Information (know-how): Much knowledge of efficient processing tasks with high quality

Incidentally, in the case when “hiring BPO”, if the workflow has been organized in advance, handover of business process to BPO providers will be done more smoothly because they make workflow diagrams, estimates and proposals when accepting your order.

If you read this article and want to draw a workflow diagram, please consider using our service (Cloud-based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite“) that allows you to draw a workflow diagram for free. Click Here to apply.

Lastly, I abruptly advertised, but thank you for reading!


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