Automation of PDF Document Generation and Faxing Using Cloud-based Workflow
A case example of collaboration between cloud-based workflow “Questetra BPM Suite” and cloud fax service “eFax”


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Today, I would like to introduce a case example of one of our client, who has achieved efficiency by automation that is realized by combining Questetra with Internet Fax service.
The target operation is to order tickets for transportation. And its overview is as in the figure below.


1. About the Target Operation
2. Automating of PDF Document Generation and Faxing
3. Closing


1. About the Target Operation

A certain company affiliated with a manufacturer is entrusted with the outsourcing of personnel affairs and general affairs. One of their tasks was booking and arranging tickets for JR, aviation, accommodation etc. necessary for a business trip.

Previously, those were processed in slips which had been handwritten based on requests from each branch via emails, phone calls, or fax. In the most cases, more than one ticket are required, and more than a thousand requests per month were asked, so the number which they had to make orders was, enormous, thousands. Because of the number, they had various problems.
・It takes time to process, mistakes occur
・Searching from numerous slips were required for inquiries from the requesters.
・To take over by another person is difficult.
They say by changing to manage with Questetra, it has become that mistakes and omitting are eliminated, searching is easy, and taking over is possible.

Now, I would like to explain in detail about automating of generation of PDF which is tickets order form for transportation authorities including Japan Railway.


2. Automating of PDF Document Generation and Faxing

With Questetra, you can automatically generate a document using the input data and a Base PDF file of the document.
M228: Auto Generating PDF File with Business data Inserted

By sending the created PDF file to internet fax service via API, you can automatically fax to specific destinations.

By the way, the faxing service that is used in this case charges the price by calculating the number of pages with the time spent on transmission. Therefore, it fell into a situation where it exceeded the assumed cost in the beginning since it was counted as 2 pages despite faxing only one page, beacause the size of the data to be send was bigger than expected.

They said that they cannot use the system if it costs that much, so we considered the method to reduce the time of sending. And we found out that “the amount of data to be transmitted can be suppressed by slightly thinning the color of the ruled line on the form”. Thus, it has become possible to be running within the assumed cost. (Below is the image of the form document)


3. Closing

It is a case example of greatly shortened the time cost for a business, by automating generation of PDF documents and faxing using Questetra.

Incidentally, one of the characteristic features of Questetra is the capability of collaborating with various other services, and that provides automation of business in many scenes.
Talking about “automation”, RPA tools are often talked about, recently. Questetra is also capable of collaborating with RPA tools for automation.

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