Cooperation between Cloud SSO Services and Questetra's Workflows
I confirmed the connectivity with a cloud SSO service that has connection configurations with over 4000 other cloud services.


Hi there. I’ve covered system integrations in the article before.
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I verified SAML integration between OneLogin, the cloud account management service and single sign-on service (only in Japanese), and Questetra BPM Suite.
*Read more about it here at the “OneLogin Topics Newsletter” (you can read the article using Google Translate)

OneLogin is provided by Pentio Co. Ltd. (only in Japanese) and it registers the connection settings of SAML integration with Office 365, G Suite,, Salesforce, Dropbox, box, Github and Zendesk. In total over 4000 cloud services are registered in OneLogin.

*You can also refer here for knowing how the company utilizes Questetra.

I will describe further information regarding SAML integration settings between OneLogin and Questetra BPM Suite (“Questetra”).

*I’ve summarized the specific sections regarding the OneLogin integrations. You can refer to this page (M310: Enable Login Function using External Authentication Service (SAML)) in Questetra’s manual for configuring the SAML integration.

*Added 2015-12-16 (updated 2017-02-22, 2019-05-27)
You will find a connector for Questetra on the OneLogin page, but it seems it’s not working properly because it’s still being adjusted on the OneLogin side (or the settings items in Configuration are not adequate).
Select the generic connector “SAML Test Connector (Advanced)” on OneLogin and configure it with the following steps.
However, please note there is a slightly changed order in the list of items on the OneLogin settings screen.


Table of Contents
1: OneLogin settings
2: Questetra settings


1: OneLogin settings

In Questetra’s settings screen follow these steps: check to Enable Single Sign-On (SAML) < SSO (SAML) < System Settings. Enter the required information from “SP Information” into Configuration in OneLogin, and click SAVE.

You can see the following settings: OneLogin (bottom) and Questetra (top).

  • Login URL: Entity ID
  • SAML Consumer URL: ACS URL
  • SAML Audience: Entity ID
  • SAML Rcipient: ACS URL
  • SAML Single Logout URL: Single Logout Service URL
  • ACS (Consumer) URL Validator: ACS URL


2: Questetra settings

From the OneLogin SSO screen use the necessary information to enter into the IdP Configuration < SSO (SAML) in Questetra.

You can see the following settings: Questetra (top) and OneLogin (bottom).

  • Entity ID: Issuer UR
  • Sign-in page URL: SAML 2.0 Endpoint (HTTP)
  • Sign-out page URL: SLO Endpoint (HTTP)
  • Verification certificate: X. 509 Certificate (click View Details and copy and paste the texts)


Questetra has also verified SAML integration with the following authentication and SSO services.

  • Active Directory Federation Services 2.0(AD FS 2.0)/Office365
  • Salesforce
  • SimpleSAMLphp


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