How to Start Workflows in Bulk with Google Sheets
We prepared a tool that allows Task registration (Process Start) at once using list data of Excel or Google Spreadsheet.

In using Questetra BPM Suite, if you are in the position of assigning jobs of the next month, you might have felt that, ‘I know it is my duty that registering all the Task for this month to be assigned to workers at the beginning of the month, but it is annoying to me to register one by one…’
For solving this problem, we have prepared a tool that allows registration of Tasks (Starting the Process) from the list Data on Google Spreadsheet or in Excel, all at once.

Using this tool, you can easily achieve these performances such as,

  • Registering all the customers that need to be updated the contract within this month, into the Contract Updating Process by the list at once
  • Registering the data that was brought from elsewhere for the purpose of migrating etc., at once
  • Starting Processes at once, by csv file or by the list that created with Excel

Below, I’ll explain in detail about the tool.


1: Outline
2: Preparation
3: How to Use
4: Mechanism
5: Notes
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1: Outline

Start processes on Questetra BPM Suite by Google Spreadsheet data. (Google Drive add-on)
“Questetra BPM Suite add-on”


2: Preparation

  • You need a G Suite (Formerly Google Apps) account or a gmail account, because it works on Google Spreadsheet
  • You need to set [Message Start Event (HTTP)] on the Process Model of Questetra BPM Suite for receiving data via HTTP to Start the Process

* Click HERE to see the detail of “Message Start Event (HTTP)”.


3: How to Use

1. Get the Questetra BPM Suite add-on through [Add-ons] menu on “Google Spreadsheet”.

2. ‘Initialize’ the Tool.

3. Set up to match with the property of Message Start Event in the receiving App. Then Save.

4. Prepare the list data to be registered. (Copy and Paste the data on Excel.)

5. Execute the Processing


4: Mechanism

The Tool will read the Google Spreadsheet data one line by one. Send data to the target App (via HTTP). The Process will be Started.


5: Notes

Since Questetra BPM Suite has a limit on the number of Processes that can be Started within a certain period of time, so in case if you want to Start massively at once, you need to consider separating them so that not exceed the limit.

For your questions about this tool, please contact us via Contact Form.

* This tool is published using the service that is available since March 2014, which is for publishing add-ons that created with Google Apps Script at Google Drive.


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