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In the article “What is the Value that the Parallelization of Workflow Brings?“,I mentioned that large effects can be obtained by arranging parallel processing in the Workflow.

In this article, I will introduce a case study which had great results by incorporating “parallel processing” into an existing Workflow.

Parallel processing shortened the period of time for evaluation work to 1/5

In a certain mail-order company, they have succeeded in reducing the period of time for evaluation work in the workflow of private label product development to 1/5 by incorporating “parallel processing”. (The name of the mail-order company is not disclosed)

In merchandise development of private brands, the “evaluation” work related to purchasing is an important task. There are three evaluation tasks: evaluation of suppliers, evaluation of manufacturing / production systems of products to be purchased, evaluation of the logistics system concerning the goods.

These evaluation tasks were done one after another in the past. That meant, after the evaluation of the supplier was done, they evaluated the manufacturing and production system, then evaluated the logistics system after the evaluation of the manufacturing/production system was done, and so on.

At the place of goods planning, they wanted to shorten the time required from “drafting” to “completion” (lead time), so that they could proceed with the planning of more goods. Thereupon, they considered parallelizing these three evaluation works.

I suppose that they had to proceed with the evaluation work one after another since they used to manage each goods planning project with documents in paper. By using a workflow system instead of doing it with paper, it became possible to reliably manage the situation of the projects, even when processing parallelly which is said to be difficult to manage.

They say that the time from drafting to completion has been shortened to one-fifth since they made it into parallel evaluation.


Sooner or later, I will describe the business management including parallel processing using the workflow system.

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