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It is getting colder and colder. During this season, you may have to take a day off from work due to a sudden illness such as a cold.

However, it is quite a tiresome task to make a phone call to the company when you are not feeling well. I have to call them when I am really sick and make my voice sound like I’m having a hard time…. Well, anyway, Questetra uses “Open Chat” in Questetra BPM Suite for this kind of communication.

Open Chat is an internal social networking function of Questetra BPM Suite that allows users to post messages like on a bulletin board, or to send messages to a specific person or group.

Screenshot of Questetra BPM Suite Open Chat

In fact, this is much easier than a phone call because you can type from your phone even when you are lying on your futon.

On the other hand, for those who manage employee attendance, it is also a time-consuming task to record and tally absenteeism, tardiness, and early departures. Especially for remote and telecommuting workers, time and attendance management is a major issue. Companies that use time cards, attendance records, or Excel to manage attendance may need to review their attendance management methods when introducing remote work.

However, by using software like workflow systems and BPM tools, tasks like reporting, recording, and keeping track of attendance can be done automatically. This makes it easier on both the applicant and the manager.

Incidentally, Questetra BPM Suite is a cloud-based BPM tool, and its strength is that as long as you have an Internet connection you can access the same system as in the office and perform tasks. The workflow Apps introduced here are all useful for time and attendance management in remote or telecommuting work.

Let’s take a look at Questetra BPM Suite’s four workflow Apps for time and attendance management.

Workflow Apps for Attendance Management Part 1: Hours-worked Report Flow

First, we will introduce the most basic workflow App.

The Hours-worked Report Flow is a workflow that focuses on the reporting of arrival and departure times and the automatic calculation of work hours. The system automatically starts at 7:00 a.m. every morning, and when employees report their arrival and departure times, their work hours are automatically calculated. After that, the leader checks the work hours.

Screenshot of the Hours-worked Report Flow

Also, if you leave the system alone for 20 hours without entering any information, it will automatically count as a vacation day, so you don’t have to run it during long vacations or other times when you do not need to.

This flow also includes innovations to reduce the input load by setting initial values and providing input support. For example, if initial values are set as clocking in at 9:00, clocking out at 17:00, and taking a one-hour break, no numerical input is required if the worker works the same hours as those set in the initial values.

Click here to download the Hours-worked Report Flow

Workflow Apps for Attendance Management Part 2: Attendance Management

Next is a workflow application that incorporates a device to prevent report leakage through email notifications.

The system automatically starts at 7:00 a.m. on weekdays and automatically calculates work hours based on arrival and departure times and break times, which is the same as the Hours-worked Report Flow described above. The difference is that a reminder email is automatically sent if the arrival or departure time has not been entered. This workflow is completed only by the reporter, and there is no process for the leader to check the work hours.

Screenshot of the Attendance Management Flow

Click here to download the Attendance Management Flow

Workflow Apps for Attendance Management Part 3: Daily Report Application Process

As the name implies, the Daily Report Application Process is a workflow App that allows users to report attendance and submit daily reports at the same time.

In this workflow, when the attendance time is entered, the daily report and the clocking out time are assigned as tasks. The manager then confirms the work by entering and processing the break time and clock-out time in the daily report. Vacation and sick leave can also be reported through this flow.

Screenshot of the Daily Report Application Process

Click here to download the Daily Report Application Process

Workflow Apps for Attendance Management Part 4: Attendance Reporting Process, Automatic Overtime Calculation

This is a workflow App that automatically calculates work hours and overtime hours and notifies the applicant of the receipt by email.

Employees are automatically assigned a task at 7:00 a.m. every morning (excluding company holidays) to submit their arrival and departure times as a task. The total number of hours worked and overtime hours outside of regular working hours are then automatically calculated, and the applicant is notified by email with a copy of the calculation.

Screenshot of Attendance Reporting Process, Automatic Overtime Calculation

When an application is submitted, the applicant’s supervisor is assigned a checking process to ensure that there are no errors or inaccuracies in the contents of the application.

Click here to download the Attendance Reporting Process, Automatic Overtime Calculation

Make Time and Attendance Management Easier with Questetra BPM Suite

Preventing reporting omissions and errors is an important aspect of time and attendance management.

The four workflow apps introduced here are designed to reduce the applicant’s workload with automatic startup and email notifications to prevent missed reports, as well as input support and other features. In addition, if there is a mistake in a report the supervisor can send it back to the applicant, and past data can be reviewed retroactively.

You can start using Questetra BPM Suite immediately after you apply for it, even if you don’t need to introduce a large-scale attendance management system. Why don’t you take this opportunity to review attendance management with Questetra BPM Suite? A free trial is also available.

60 Days Trial for Free

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